Greek Robola

Robola is known as the « Lady of the Ionian sea » because of its distinctive quality and fineness, thus qualified as one of the most finest Greek white wines with Appellation of Superior Quality. The wine is produced from a local variety of white grape growing in the homonymous area. 

Robola grows best at mid-high altitude and is mostly cultivated in gravelly soils and highland regions; this is why Venetians used to call it « Vino di Sasso », meaning « Stone Wine ». Indeed, Kefalonian stony soil, high altitude, sunlight and sea breeze are ideal for the cultivation of Robola grape variety.

Robola is a fresh and agreeable table wine with tangy fruity taste, which pairs well with seafood and fish dishes. Robola is also grown to a lesser extent to other Ionian islands, however its lovers claim that « Kefalonia is the only place where you can taste the authentic Robola and if you ever leave the island, you would lose part of its aroma and beauty…»

Lately, Greek producers learned to appreciate the quality and potential of this wine, therefore Robola does now grow on other Greek places (Wine Label of Fthiotida and Arcadia). Abroad, Robola is well appreciated, especially in Northern Europe, where white dry « sharp » wines are mostly preferred.

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